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MINIs On Top MINI Owners' Annual Meet & Greet on Mt. Washington
MINIs On TopMINI Owners' Annual Meet & Greet on Mt. Washington

Mini Boot Sale

We all know that the boot side of our MINIs are just so stinkin’ cute.  Well at Loon Mountain we are hosting a “Boot Sale” for anyone to join – NO PRE-REGISTRATION required. If you make MINI Cooper themed crafts to sell, have a collection of MINI cooper toys, MINI cooper spare parts you want to sell, assorted rubber duckies, or heck just about anything (well… we just ask that you keep it clean this is a family event) just load up your boot with your goodies and head to the Loon Mountain Parking Lot!


  • Arrive at the lot at 9:00 AM
  • Tell the parking attendant that you are participating in the Boot Sale
  • Park in the designated Boot Sale parking area Boot OUT
  • Open up your boot and display your goods!
  • Remember to bring lots of change and possibly a credit card square on your phone.  You may not have a great cell phone signal there, so please be prepared for cash transactions.


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